Trans Kids Dance on TERF Graves

Alana Storm

Summer 2023

Trans Kids Dance of TERF Graves

One day lisa vogel will die, hopefully of old age, in her bed. It will probably be a really nice bed as I presume (perhaps incorrectly) that her savvy 1976 real estate investment and career as a festival landlord has treated her finances well.

When that happens I’ll do my best to hold my tongue but I won’t be mourning her. Instead I’ll be thinking about all the women from my cohort who took decades longer to find themselves or who struggled on in the half life of constant background dysphoria. I’ll be mourning the women who killed themselves.

I’ll be thinking about how all of us were denied access to the communities who could have helped us or saved our lives. How vogel, and that toxic violent minority inside 70s feminist culture, utterly failed as leaders.

They say not to speak ill of the dead so I’ll speak ill of her now and smile when i think of the kids who will dance on her grave.